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Sun Yueliang, male, a member of Communist Party of China and a senior engineer, nowserves as President of Hebei Jiutong Wear-resistant Anticorrosion Pipes Co., Ltd. Heworked as vice plant manager of Mancheng Agricultural Machinery Plant and Manager ofBaoding Cast Stone Plant before.

In 1970, he developed two new county-level products of motor bearings.In 1971, he took charge of preparations to construct Baoding Cast Stone Plant, andworked as plant manager.In 1973, our cast stone products won First Prize in quality among the peers.In 1974, he wrote teaching materials of manufacturing techniques for national trainingclass of cast stone technology.In 1976, he undertook the research and development of new cast stone jacked pipes—a newproject of the Building Materials Department and took charge of drafting and developmentof the industrial standards.In 1977, he served as vice chairman of National Foundry Industry and head of expertgroup.In 1979, he made experiments to develop new prestressing composite cast stone pipes,winning national patents and New Product Prize of National Torch Plan.In 1984, Baoding Cast Stone Plant was awarded Advanced Enterprise by the BuildingMaterials Department.
In 1986, he was identified as Model Worker of Hebei Building Materials System.
In 1989, the factory won the title of Hebei Advanced Enterprise.
In 1989, he was promoted to be an engineer.
In 1993, he was promoted to be a senior engineer.
In 1996, he developed high-chromium cast iron wear-resistant anticorrosion pipes.
In 1997, he won a national patent.
In 1999, he participated in drafting and promotion implementation of the power

industrial standard—Technical Specifications of Wear-resistant Pipes.
In 2012, he took part in the amendment of the power industrial standard—Technical

Specifications of Wear-resistant Pipes.