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Chemical preservative steel lined pipe leak detection methods both
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Chemical preservative steel lined pipe leak detection methods both

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G3 TWICE: steel lined pipeline corrosion chemical industry's most widely used preservative one of the devices, but there are a lot of anti-corrosion pipe manufacturers, factories because time is short, lined with plastic pipe production testing inexperience lead pipes, fittings coating damage points, in the absence of testing experience, the use of existing spark detector has detected the leak, causing plastic composite pipe sick to run, time is not long damaged coating, pipe corrosion caused by spills.

Plastic composite pipe and fittings coating most easily damaged, most likely to leak places are: straight pipe flanged rectangular area, the middle of a long pipe, tee branch in charge of the binding site, the center of the elbow.

How to ensure the lined pipe fittings plastic composite pipe manufactured pass rate of 100%.

A. Existing manufacturers spark leak probe, do not meet pipeline corrosion testing requirements, testing steel lined pipe coating easily missed, our improved method is to produce a nominal diameter DN25-1000mm round each probe a set. Stainless steel wire wound on a probe, the middle set up a connection point nut with 10mm round 3.5M length, connected to the spark tester probe above the sleeve 15 to be on pole round plastic tube, to ensure safe operation, use the circle the probe into the plastic composite pipe slowly move forward, if there is damage point, regardless of size can be caught. (More lined steel pipe corrosion knowledge: http://www.yonton.com/product.asp?id=48)

B. Production of different sizes, automatic turning probes, specific production methods: use a plastic-lined steel pipe fittings moderate length 500mm, 20mm around the springs, a ball head wound stainless steel wire, welded one and the other end of the spring probe threads Luo same rod probe can detect such a dedicated elbow tee. Detection, as long as the probe into the special plastic composite pipe fittings, and slowly move forward, it automatically turns, automatic detection, automatic alarm, testing results are quite satisfactory. With EDM channels dedicated probe, this goal can be achieved. We want to achieve: plastic composite pipe factory 100% no breakage point. Plastic composite pipe used 100% leak points.