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Petroleum Pipeline Bureau fill the blank of large diameter pipeline corrosion
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Petroleum Pipeline Bureau fill the blank of large diameter pipeline corrosion

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January 21, 4.8 km 1420 mm large diameter steel pipe in the oil and external corrosion preservative company Xinyuantai Pipeline Bureau branch line. The quality testing, a pass rate of 99%. This is China's biggest oil diameter corrosion construction jobs for the future lay the large diameter pipeline construction activity-based preservative.
Pipeline Bureau preservative company undertake the construction of large diameter pipeline corrosion, pipeline belonging to the Russian city sewage projects, length 125 km, diameter of 1420 mm. December 2012, the Russian MONOLOG Company and Hebei Cangzhou Xinyuan Thai Steel Pipe Group signed a production contract. This project 5 km test section of pipeline corrosion construction, corrosion by the Pipeline Bureau Xinyuan Thai Steel Group Company and cooperation in the construction of anti-corrosion plant. Product after passing inspection, the Russian side will work with Pipeline Bureau has signed up 120 kilometers corrosion anti-corrosion pipe construction contract.
It is understood that, as the only specialized preservative company China National Petroleum, Pipeline Bureau corrosion anti-corrosion construction company had the largest capacity of pipeline diameter 1219 mm. 1420 mm diameter pipeline construction mechanization and external corrosion success, to fill our large diameter pipeline corrosion blank.